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Older Wiser Learned Scientists (OWLS)

In January 2003, Emeritus Professors Bruce Parker and Ernie Stout established a club of biology emeriti to help build relationships between the Department's former biology students (our alumni). The OWLS (Older Wiser Learned Scientists) meet about once a month, usually over lunch, during which Brenda Winkel (Biological Sciences Department Head) or other Virginia Tech faculty discuss recent developments and new directions proposed or planned. The OWLS' membership will be increasing as more Biological Sciences faculty retire.

The OWLS have continuously met several times per semester to keep active with the university’s programs, and sustain the strong sense of community that characterizes our department.  Shown in the picture are several members of the OWLS and current faculty at a lunch meeting held on December 12, 2007.


owls_group Front row left to right: Charles Rutherford, Bill Claus, Bob Paterson, Bob Jones, Bruce Parker. Second row left to right: Al Heath, Curt Adkisson, Noel Krieg, Ernie Stout, Khidir Hilu, Bob Benoit and Al Hendricks. (Click for larger image.)


Robin Andrews Robert Benoit Art Buikema John Cairns, Jr.
Don Cherry William Claus Joe Cowles Jack Cranford
Klaus Elgert Asim Esen Allen Heath Al Hendricks
Thomas Jenssen Noel Krieg Anne McNabb Bruce Parker
Duncan Porter Charles Rutherford Stephen Scheckler George Simmons
Harry Steeves David Stetler Ernie Stout Bruce Turner
Jack Webster