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Computer Resources: Poster Printing

What is the Poster Printer?

The Biological Sciences Department has an HP DesignJet Z3200PS, which is a wide format color photo printer.  The paper width is 42" and the height can range from a couple of inches to several feet.

Who can use the DesignJet?

Any member of the Virginia Tech community.  This includes faculty, staff, and grad students from the Biological Sciences Department and any other department affiliated with VA Tech.

How much does it cost?

In-Department (Biological Sciences): $10 per 42" x 60" sheet

Out-of-Department: $30 per 42" x 60" sheet

To pay for the posters, you will need to complete an ISR in HokieMart. (ISR stands for "Interdepartmental Service Request"; if do not have HokieMart access, then you will need your faculty advisor to enter an ISR to pay for your poster.  Instructions for entering an ISR in HokieMart can be found here.) Please attach the poster (PowerPoint/.PPT file) to the PO in HokieMart. Once we receive the ISR we will print your poster. In the notes section, please let us know when you would like to pick up your poster.

Note: If you make a typo and want to print it again, you will be charged for the additional page.  So make sure your spelling is perfect before you bring your poster to us to print.

How do I setup a PowerPoint document to be printed with the DesignJet?

After starting a new document in PowerPoint go to File > Page Setup

Then make the following changes.....

For Portrait Posters: For Landscape Posters:
Width = 42 inches Width = x inches
Height = x inches Height = 42 inches
Where x= how tall or wide you'd like your poster to be

After that, use PowerPoint like normal.  You may have to change the zoom but the editing should be the same.  Also, remember that images you print will need to have a lot of resolution so they won't show up blocky when they print.  In addition to PowerPoint we also support PDF files.

How do I print my poster?

It is important that you contact our support department for a virtual appointment BEFORE submitting poster requests. This allows us the time needed to make sure that your poster is handled efficiently, and, if a problem should arise, gives us the time and information needed to work with you to fix any issues.

There must an ISR entered in HokieMart in order for us to print your poster. Remember to attach the poster to the PO in HokieMart. Once we receive it, we will print it on the agreed-upon day, and notify you that it is ready. In the notes section in HokieMart, please let us know when you would like to pick up your poster. Posters can be picked up in 2119 Derring Hall.