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Forms, Procedures, and Other Documents




Administration, Management, and Support Services

Services providedName/EmailOfficePhone
Faculty personnel actions, budget requests, research proposalsBrenda Winkel2125C Derring1-3013
Teaching schedules, facilities administrationFred Benfield4070B Derring1-5802
Staff coordination, advising, and curriculumRich Walker2089 Derring1-3803
Graduate Program DirectorJeff Walters4081 Derring1-3847
Office Manager: department head's calendar, human resources, leave reportingDreama Price2125B Derring1-5712
Life Science I Building DirectorDavid Popham207 LSI1-2529
Fiscal Support
Services provided Name/Email Office Phone
Budget Manager: supervision of Business Office, assistance with financial management of research grants, budget management, and fiscal reports Stacie Quesenberry 2119 Derring 1-4571
HokieMart orders, wage payroll, travel and other reimbursements Annette Fluri 103 LSI 1-6228
HokieMart orders, wage payroll, travel and other reimbursements C. Michele Klawitter 103 LSI 1-9767
Office Support
Services provided Name/Email Office Phone
Website maintenance, newsletter, alumni contact, photography, projector reservations, faculty/staff/postdoc listservs, directory board and photo board updates Valerie Sutherland 2125 Derring 1-3447
Key management, mail distribution, mailbox maintenance, department directory, fax distribution, package receiving (Derring Hall), department van scheduling Audriana Lamm 2119 Derring 1-5026
Mail distribution, mailbox maintenance, fax distribution, and package receiving (Life Sciences I) Annette Fluri
Michelle Klawitter
103 LSI 1-6228
Network and Computer Support
Services provided Name/Email Office Phone
Network support, software and hardware orders, computer maintenance, phone support, poster printing Brian McElraft 2095 Derring 1-8944
Graduate Studies
Services provided Name/Email Office Phone
Graduate student file maintenance, advising on Graduate Policy and Procedures, graduate listserv, graduate student payroll Sue Rasmussen 2095B Derring 1-8929
Graduate Program Director and Review Coordinator Jeff Walters 4081 Derring 1-3847
President, BGSA Jason Lancaster 432 Latham  
Undergraduate Studies
Services provided Name/Email Office Phone
Undergraduate Advising Center Information Karen Fraley 2089 Derring 1-6407
Director of Undergraduate Advising Jack Evans 2089 Derring 1-6408
General Biology Lab Coordinator Wooram Lee 1002 Derring 1-6710
Microbiology/Immunology Lab Coordinator Katie Rodgers 304 Chem/Phys Bldg. 1-6769
Associate Department Head / Undergraduate Advising Rich Walker 2089 Derring 1-3803
Teaching Labs Operations Manager Becky Zimmerman 2113-F Derring 1-8924
Services providedName/EmailOfficePhone
K-12 Liason and Research Proposal Assistance                                         Mike Rosenzweig2034 Derring1-5360