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How can I find out who my advisor is?
If you forget who your advisor is, check your Hokie SPA account.

I want to switch advisors. 
If for any reason you decide to switch your advisor, see Karen Fraley in 2089 Derring Hall.

I want to take a class but the class is full. Can I force add the class?
Come to 2089 Derring because some classes have waiting lists, others need professor approval, and some are at capacity and can not be added to so there is no one answer for this question.

Who processes my force add form?
Biological Sciences does not used force-add forms. Force-adds for non-Biological Sciences courses are processed by the department teaching the course and NOT by Biological Sciences or the Dean's office.

What do I need to do if I want to take classes elsewhere?
You must fill out an "Authorization to Take Courses Elsewhere" form. A copy of this form can also be picked up in 2089 Derring Hall. The Transfer Equivalency Database can be accessed here.

How do I change my major to Biology?

How do I change my major from Biology to another major? Students wanting to change their major from Biological Sciences need to contact the desired major for criteria requirements. The 'Change of Major' process starts in the department for the desired major.

On my DARS report the Free Elective section is in red. Does this mean that it is complete or not complete?
You need a total of 120 hours, so if all other sections of your DARS show a green check or IP (in progress), including the total number of hours taken, then you are ready to graduate. If any area other than the free elective section is red, then you need to complete that core requirement.

How do I apply for graduation?
A student wishing to graduate must go to Hokie SPA > Degree Menu > Undergraduate Student Degree Menu > Application for Degree and complete the form. Students are encouraged to apply for her or his degree upon reaching junior standing (60 credit hours).

When do I have to declare a major or minor?
Students must be enrolled in a major or minor prior to their senior year (before they reach 90 hours) in order to graduate in that major. Double majors must also add their second major prior to their senior year.

What is the College Core Curriculum?
To ensure that all students receive a broad exposure to the arts and sciences, a College Core has been developed for students to complete before they graduate. No course used to satisfy this requirement may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

How many hours do I need to graduate?
Students in the College of Science must complete a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester hours for graduation.

What is the Dean's List? 
A student attains the Dean's List and receives a certificate attesting to this achievement in the Fall or Spring semester during which she or he achieves a 3.4 or higher GPA on 12 or more hours attempted A-F. Pass/Fail hours do not count toward Dean's List eligibility.

I heard the Ecology and Field & Lab Ecology count as a stand-alone lab. Is this true? 
This is true. Field and Lab Ecology will count because it is a 3000 level lab.

What types of information are available on Hokie SPA?

Registration and Schedule
Course Request; Look Up Classes; Add or drop classes; Display your class schedule.
Grades Menu
View Midterm/Final Grades, Class Rank, Transfer and Other Additional Credit information, GPA Calculators.
Your Student Account
View Administrative Holds; View Charges, Payments and Credits
Financial Aid Information
Review the status of award information , including Financial Aid Holds, Processing Requirements, Cost of Attendance, Award History, Account Summary and Loan Application History
Personal Information
View and Update your address(es), phone number(s), view e-mail address(es). View and update emergency contact information. View name change information & social security number change information. Change your password.
Catalog: View Course Catalog (opens in new browser)
Undergraduate Admissions
Apply for Undergraduate Admission
Graduate Admissions
File an application for admissions; review existing applications; status; status of supporting requirements.
What is the late withdrawal policy?
A maximum of six hours (6) may be dropped beyond the normal deadline date for which students can drop a course during their academic career at Virginia Tech.
- This option must be exercised prior to the last Friday of classes. (For more information, visit the Registrar's Dates & Deadlines site.)
- Courses from which a student withdraws under the terms of this policy will appear on their transcript with a "W". A "W" does not calculate into your GPA.
- A student's decision to invoke this policy is irrevocable and unappealable.
- Withdrawals under this policy may not be employed to reduce or prevent any penalty otherwise accruing to students under the University's Honors system.
- Students may request withdrawal from any course irrespective of the evaluation earned in it up to the point of their request for withdrawal.
- To exercise this option interested students should see their academic advisor to obtain a Course Withdrawal form and thereafter submit it to their designated departmental representative and academic dean for approval.