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2 June 2020

The Virginia Tech Biological Sciences Diversity Committee would like to affirm our support for our Black community members in this difficult time. We are outraged, saddened, angry, and frustrated with the continued racist violence in the United States---from the violent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others; to denying Black participation in simple activities such as birdwatching that so many of our white colleagues routinely take for granted. We strongly condemn these actions and extend our heartfelt support for the pain these recent events have caused to the Black community. 

Science is for everyone. Nature is for everyone. Biology is for everyone. Safety, security and justice are for everyone. We recognize, as the Biological Sciences Diversity Committee, that it is our duty to help address the systemic and continued injustices that render these principles unfulfilled, and that we as a department have a long way to go. But we know the status quo cannot continue. 

To those who are coping with grief, anxiety and justifiable anger, we hear you. Though this global pandemic has isolated us physically--and continues to disproportionately affect communities of color--please know that you are not alone. We call on the extended Biological Sciences family to reach out to support students, colleagues and friends in this difficult time. 


The Biological Sciences Diversity Committee

Our Diverse Community of Scholars
Statement of Purpose and Values

The Department of Biological Sciences is an academic community that reflects and embraces the cultural and intellectual diversity of the real world.

Our goals are:

  • to foster a climate of respect and appreciation for the value of a culturally and ethnically rich environment, and
  • to prepare students for careers in a globally connected economy and to promote their personal growth, maturity and responsibility

Programs at Virginia Tech:

National Diversity Scholarship Programs in which Virginia Tech participates:



  • 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Seminar
  • Past MLK Seminar Speakers

Current Diversity Committee Members

  • Ignacio Moore (Chair)
  • Anne McNabb (Co-Chair)
  • Bryan Brown
  • Mike Rosenzweig
  • Florian Schubot
  • Josef Uyeda
  • Floricel Gonzalez
  • Jess Hernandez
  • Korin Jones
  • Jesse Janoski