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Our Diverse Community of Scholars
Statement of Purpose and Values

The Department of Biological Sciences is an academic community that reflects and embraces the cultural and intellectual diversity of the real world.

Our goals are:

  • to foster a climate of respect and appreciation for the value of a culturally and ethnically rich environment, and
  • to prepare students for careers in a globally connected economy and to promote their personal growth, maturity and responsibility

Programs at Virginia Tech:

National Diversity Scholarship Programs in which Virginia Tech participates:


Current Diversity Committee Members

  • Ignacio Moore (Chair)
  • Anne McNabb (Co-Chair)
  • Bryan Brown
  • Mike Rosenzweig
  • Florian Schubot
  • Josef Uyeda
  • Floricel Gonzalez
  • Jess Hernandez
  • Korin Jones
  • Jesse Janoski