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Twelfth Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Seminar

Dr. C. Brandon Ogbunu

Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

"Living, Learning, & Adaptive Landscapes: How Evolutionary Biology Can Help us Navigate it All"


Friday 20 January 2023
12:00 p.m.
Steger Hall Auditorium

Also via Zoom:

Dr. C. Brandon Ogbunu

C. Brandon Ogbunu is a computational biologist whose research investigates complex problems in epidemiology, evolutionary & population genetics, and evolution. His work utilizes a range of methods, from experimental evolution, to biochemistry, applied mathematics, and evolutionary computation. In addition to his faculty appointments, Ogbunu is a Contributing Editor to WNYC’s Radiolab, and he has written several popular essays for Wired (where he is a regular contributor).

Host: Biological Sciences Diversity Committee

Co-sponsors: VT Life Sciences Seminar; Department of Biological Sciences; College of Science Diversity Committee; College of Natural Resources and Environment; Women and Minority Artists and Scholars Lecture Series; Global Change Center; Office of Inclusion and Diversity; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Seminar; College of Veterinary Medicine; Fralin Life Sciences Institute.