Graduate Catalog

Courses in Agriculture and Life Sciences
ALS 4304: Physiology of Reproduction
ALS 5314: Comparative Reproductive Physiology

Courses In Civil And Environmental Engineering
CEE 5104: Environmental Chemistry
CEE 5124: Fundamentals Of Environmental Toxicology
CEE 5134: Engineering Aspects Of Water Quality
CEE 5184: Techniques For Environmental Analysis
CEE 5194: Environmental Engineering Microbiology
CEE 5304: Advanced Hydraulics
CEE 5314: River Mechanics And Sediment Transport
CEE 5324: Advanced Hydrology
CEE 5334: Analysis Of Water Resources Systems
CEE 5364: Water Law
CEE 5374: Dynamics Of Groundwater
CEE 5384: Transport Processes In Waterways
CEE 5384: Transient Flow In Hydraulic Systems

Courses In Crop And Soil Environmental Sciences
CSES 4594: Soil And Groundwater Pollution 
CSES 4734: Environmental Soil Chemistry
CSES 5634: Soil Chemistry
CSES 5594: Modeling Subsurface Water And Chemical Transport

Courses In Entomology Department
ENT 4354 [Biol 4354]: Aquatic Entomology
ENT 4484 [Biol 4484]: Freshwater Biomonitoring
ENT 5024: Insect Biology And Systematics
ENT 5114: Insect Structure And Function
ENT 5224: Vector-Borne Dis Res Meth
ENT 6004: Insect Behavior And Ecology
ENT 6154: Insect Physiology

Courses In Fisheries And Wildlife Department
FIW 5114: Fisheries And Wildlife Conservation Genetics
FIW 5214: Vertebrate Population And Habitat Analysis
FIW 5224: Wildlife Population Dynamics
FIW 5334: Vertebrate Physiological Ecology
FIW 5414: Endangered Species Management
FIW 5514: Fish Population Dynamics And Modeling
FIW 5614: Advanced Ecology Of Fishes
FIW 5814: Stream Habitat Management
FIW 6214: Advanced Habitat Analysis

Courses In Forestry
FOR 4354: Forest Soils & Hydrology
FOR 4364: Advanced Silviculture & Forest Vegetation Management -
FOR 4374: Forested Wetlands - Classifications, Jurisdictional Delineation, And Management
FOR 5104: (Geog 5104): Interdisciplinary Seminar In Remote Sensing And Gis
FOR 5134: Environmental Conflict Management
FOR 5254: Remote Sensing Of Natural Resources
FOR 5264: Gis Applications In Natural Resource Management
FOR 5334: (Ppws 5334): Plant Water Relations
FOR 5354: Advanced Forest Soils
FOR 5374: Advanced Forest Ecology
FOR 5484: Wilderness Management
FOR 4514: Forest And Tree Pests
FOR 5984 (Ss) Constructing Sustainability

Courses In Geography
GEOG 5034: Analysis Of Spatial Data
GEOG 5124: Aerial Photointerpretation And Analysis
GEOG 5234: Human Impacts On The Environment
GEOG 5244 (CSES 5244): Advanced Soil Interpretation Using GIS
GEOG 5264 (UAP 5264): Global Change And Local Impacts
GEOG 5314: Advanced Spatial Analysis In Gis
GEOG 5344: Globalization Of Nature

Courses In Geosciences
GEOS 4804: Groundwater Hydrology
GEOS 4554: Geologic Aspects Of Nuclear And Toxic Waste Disposal
GEOS 4634: Environmental Geochemistry
GEOS 5804: Quantitative Hydrogeology
GEOS 5834: Chemical Hydrogeology
GEOS 5814: Numerical Modeling Of Groundwater Flow And Transport
GEOS 6804: Advanced Topics In Hydrogeology