Retiring and conferred with emeritus status

Fred Benfield, Khidir Hilu

Years of Employment

John Tyson (40 years)


Erik Nilsen, Dreama Price (35 years)


Brenda Winkel (25 years)


Zhaomin Yang (15 years)


Lori Blanc (10 years)




Outstanding Undergraduate Advising

Jack Evans

Outstanding Research Award

Cayelan Carey, Dana Hawley

Outstanding Service Award

Michael Fox, Kendra Sewall

Outstanding Teaching Award 

Rick Jensen, Ignacio Moore, Stephanie Voshell

Staff Excellence Award

Kenny Smith




Sloan Research Fellowship

Frank Aylward

Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award from the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

Cayelan Carey

William E. Wine Award for Teaching Excellence

Ann Stevens

College of Science Certificate of Teaching Excellence Award

Mary Lipscomb

College of Science Diversity Award

Greg Valdez

ICTAS Junior Faculty Award

Frank Aylward, Kendra Sewall

Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award from VT Services for Students with Disabilities

Joseph Falkinham, Mike Rosenzweig

VT “Favorite Faculty”

Mary Lipscomb, Mike Rosenzweig




College of Science Outstanding Master’s Student

Spencer Bell (Brown Lab)

Outstanding Graduate Student Service Excellence Award and Edward Carney Predictive Toxicology Award for Poster Presentation, ASCCT Annual Meeting

Ellen Garcia (Cimini Lab)

Outstanding Dissertation Award, STEM Category

Skylar Hopkins (Belden Lab)

College of Science “Make a Difference” Scholarship

Nicole Ward (Carey Lab)

College of Science “Make a Difference” Scholarship (Runner-Up)

David Millican (Walters Lab)

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Patrick Calhoun (Smyth Lab)

American Ornithological Society’s Joseph Grinnell Research Award

Jessica Hernandez (Moore Lab)

Annie Liberati Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Broadway (Scharf Lab), An Duong (Stevens Lab)

Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Outstanding GTA Award

Andrew Muchlinski (Tholl Lab)

David W. and Lillian Francis Research Fellowship

Udaya Sree Datla (Jones Lab)

Graduate Research Excellence - RC Lewontin Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution

Kerry Gendreau (McGlothlin Lab), Jessica Hernandez (Moore Lab)

John Palmer Memorial Scholarship

Ariel Leon (Hawley Lab)

Karen DePauw Outstanding Presentation Award, IGC Graduate Research Symposium 1st Place Oral Presentation Award and the Mary and George Schaeffer Stream Ecology Award

Ryan McClure (Carey Lab)

IGC Graduate Research Symposium 2nd Place Oral Presentation Award

Tamara Fetters (McGlothlin Lab)

IGC Graduate Research Symposium 3rd Place Oral Presentation Award

Ernie Osburn (Barrett Lab)

VA Lakes and Watershed Assoc. Leo Bourassa Award

Mary Lofton (Carey Lab)

Noel Krieg Graduate Fellowship

Jessica Hernandez (Moore Lab), Wen Xiong (Capelluto Lab)

Lab on a Chip/Royal Society for Chemistry Poster Prize, Society for Leukocyte Biology Annual Meeting

Brittany Boribong (Jones Lab)

Lewis Edward Goyette Graduate Fellowship

Floricel Gonzalez (Scharf Lab), Jordan Mancl (Schubot Lab)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mentions

Samuel Lane (Sewall Lab), Chloe Moore (Mims Lab)

Raymond Huey Best Student Presentation Award Finalists, Division of Ecology and Evolution, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Brooke Bodensteiner (Muñoz Lab), Vinny Farallo (Muñoz Lab)

Robert and Marion Paterson Scholarship 

Fadoua El Moustaid (Johnson Lab), Tuo-Xang Tang (Capelluto Lab)

Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Award, NIH

Carissa James (Smyth Lab)

Sigma Xi Research Awards

Phil McElmurray (Brown Lab), Andrew Muchlinski (Tholl Lab)

Society for Freshwater Science Endowment Award

Brynn O’Donnell (Hotchkiss Lab), Stephen Plont (Hotchkiss Lab)

Society for Research on Biological Rhythms Merit Research Award

Xianlin Zou (Finkielstein Lab)

Trainee Award for Oral Presentation, 1st Annual Commonwealth of VA Cancer Research Conference

Katherine Broadway (Scharf Lab)

Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience

Aboozar Monavarfeshani (Fox Lab)

VT Graduate School Citizen Scholar Fadoua El Moustaid (Johnson Lab)

Research Day 2018 Invited Student Speakers

Jingren Deng (Lazar Lab), Ariel Leon (Hawley Lab), Daniel Medina (Belden Lab), Tuo-Xian Tang (Capelluto Lab)

Research Day 2018 First Place Breakout Talk 

Nicole Ward (Carey Lab)

Research Day 2018 Second Place Breakout Talk 

Maya Wilson (Walters Lab)

Research Day 2018 Third Place Breakout Talk

Carl Wepking (Barrett/Strickland Labs)

Research Day 2018 First Place Poster

Patrick Calhoun (Smyth Lab)

Research Day 2018 Second Place Poster

Jessica Hernandez (Moore Lab)

Research Day 2018 Third Place Poster

Kerry Gendreau (McGlothlin Lab)




Goldwater Fellowship, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Award, GE Women’s Network Scholarship from the Soc. of Women Engineers, German Club Rising Jr. Leadership Award, NOAA Hollings Scholarship, COS Luther and Alice Hamlett Undergraduate Research Scholarship, Deborah Koller Scholarship, Outstanding Winner of the 2018 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Arianna Krinos

College of Science Outstanding Senior Award and Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Outstanding Sr. Award

Tyler Miller

Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Outstanding Sr. Researcher Award and Deborah Koller Scholarship

Philip Stauffer

VT Aspire! Award (Civility) and Cincinnatus Award from the VT Corps of Cadets

Brian Kehs

I.D. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Natalie Bale, Emily Poteat

Joe and Barbara Cowles Scholarship

Steve Nguyen

Rachael Hill Memorial Scholarship

Jordan Selep, Jesse Pinkman

Ralph E. Carlson Memorial Freshman Scholarship

Jayali Samarasinghe

Ralph Carlson Memorial Scholarship in Ornithology

Catherine Hucul

Robert Jones Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Evan Littleton

Steger Poetry Prize Finalist

Nima Trivedi

Stephen D. Lutz Scholarship

Isabella Kim