University Years of Service


35 Years

Khidir Hilu

30 Years

Annette Fluri and Debbie Wiley

20 Years

David Popham, Ann Stevens, and Myra Williams

15 Years

Steve Melville and Mike Rosenzweig

10 Years

Jeb Barrett, Tetsuya Gotoh, Dana Hawley, Rick Jensen, Florian Schubot, and Tad Seyler 


Department of Biological Sciences Awards


Outstanding Undergraduate Advising

Eric Hogan

Outstanding Graduate Advising

Cayelan Carey

Outstanding Research Award

Silke Hauf and Ignacio Moore

Outstanding Service Award

Fred Benfield and Dreama Price

Outstanding Teaching Award (1000-2000 Level)

Mary Lipscomb and Jonathan Watkinson

Outstanding Teaching Award (3000-4000 Level)

Ann Stevens

Staff Excellence Award

Wooram Lee

VT Alumni Award for Excellence in Research

Liwu Li

VT Exemplary Department Award

Biological Sciences

College of Science Certificate of Teaching Excellence Award

Khidir Hilu and Steve Melville

College of Science Outstanding Mentor and CIDER Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards

Ann Stevens

VT Services for Students with Disabilities Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award

Michael Rosenzweig

ICTAS Junior Faculty Award

Cayelan Carey

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography Raymond L. Lindemann Award

Erin Hotchkiss

National Resource Center for First-Year Experiences and Students in Transition Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars Award and CIDER Teacher of the Week, March 2017


Lori Blanc

VT Scholar of the Week, October 2016

Daniela Cimini

VT “Favorite Faculty”

Cayelan Carey, Jack Evans, Michael Rosenzweig, and Jonathan Watkinson

2016 – 2017 Graduate Student Awards


College of Science Outstanding Doctoral Student

Jonathan Doubek (Carey Lab)

Interdisciplinary Programs Outstanding Doctoral Student

Laura Schoenle (Moore Lab)

William Preston Thesis Award, STEM Category

Kathleen Hamre (Carey Lab)

College of Science “Make a Difference” Scholarship

Carl Wepking (Strickland Lab)

American Ornithologists’ Union Research Award

Matt Aberle (Hawley Lab)

Annie Liberati Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Broadway (Scharf Lab)

Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Outstanding GTA Award

Leah Novak (Walters Lab)

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Floricel Gonzalez (Scharf Lab)

GRDP Award from the VT Graduate Student Assembly

Fadoua El Moustaid (Johnson Lab)

Interfaces of Global Change Fellowships

Ryan McClure (Carey Lab) and Carl Wepking (Strickland Lab)

John Palmer Memorial Scholarship

Sahnzi Moyers (Walters Lab)

VA Lakes and Watershed Assoc. Leo Bourassa Award

Ryan McClure (Carey Lab)

Lewis Edward Goyette Graduate Fellowship Floricel Gonzalez (Scharf Lab) and Jordan Mancl (Schubot Lab)

Mary and George Schaeffer Stream Ecology Award

Jonathan Doubek (Carey Lab)

Noel Krieg Graduate Fellowship

Jonathan Doubek (Carey Lab)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jessica Hernandez (Moore Lab)

Microscopy Society of America Presidential Scholar

Cameron Varano (Kelly Lab)

Ralph E. Carlson Memorial Scholarship in Ornithology

Matt Aberle (Hawley Lab), Sam Lane (Sewall Lab), Ariel Leon (Hawley Lab), David Millican (Walters Lab), Leah Novak (Walters Lab), Ben Vernasco (Moore Lab), and Maya Wilson (Walters Lab)

Robert and Marion Paterson Scholarship

Aboozar Monavarfeshani (Fox Lab)

SENACYT-IFARHU 2016 Doctoral Fellowship

Angie Estrada (Belden Lab)

Sigma Xi Research Award Winner

Laura Schoenle (Moore Lab)

Sigma Xi Research Award Winner Runners-Up

Ryan McClure (Carey Lab) and Mary Lofton (Carey Lab)

Society for Research on Biological Rhythms Award

Sam Schiffhauer (Finkielstein Lab)

Research Day 2017 Oral Presentations

Kate Broadway (Scharf Lab), Jonathan Doubek (Carey Lab), Laura Schoenle (Moore Lab), Manisha Shrestha (Schubot Lab)

Research Day 2017 First Place Breakout Talk

Patrick Calhoun (Smyth Lab)

Research Day 2017 Second Place Breakout Talk

Mary Lofton (Carey Lab)

Research Day 2017 Third Place Breakout Talk

Floricel Gonzalez (Scharf Lab)

Research Day 2017 First Place Poster

Maya Wilson (Walters Lab)

Research Day 2017 Second Place Poster

Keith Compton (Scharf Lab)

Research Day 2017 Third Place Poster

Ryan McClure (Carey Lab)

American Society for Cell Biology 2016 Celldance Video Finalists

Nico Baudoin (Cimini Lab) and Ellen Garcia (Cimini Lab)

American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology 2016 Annual Meeting "Tox21" Presentation Award

Ellen Garcia (Cimini Lab)

Biocomplexity Institute Research Symposium 2016 Best Poster Award

Ellen Garcia (Cimini Lab)

Translational Plant Sciences Mini-Symposium 2017 Best Poster Presentation

Andrew Muchlinkski (Tholl Lab)

Virginia Academy of Science 2016 Annual Meeting Best Oral Presentation Award for the Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Section

Wen Xiong (Capelluto Lab)

2016 - 2017 Undergraduate Student Awards

College of Science Outstanding Senior

Sieu Tran

Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Outstanding Senior Award 

Sieu Tran

Arthur Buikema and M. Alison Galway Senior Researcher Award

Stephanie Williams

Biology Alumni Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Natalie Bale

Deborah Koller Scholarship

Lauren Bano and Cayelan Smith

Goldwater Scholarship

Amina Rahimi

I.D. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Con-Ning Yen

Jerry and Leslie Gough Fellowship

Thomas Jacobs

Joe and Barbara Cowles Scholarship

Philip Stauffer

Rachael Hill Memorial Scholarship

Craig McKenzie, Emily Meeks, and Muna Sigel

Ralph E. Carlson Memorial Freshman Scholarship

Carrie Orey

Robert Jones Undergraduate Research Excellence Award

Philip Stauffer

Stacey Smith Biology Research Excellence Award

Anna McCluskey

Steger Poetry Prize

Leilani Kassandra Padilla

Stephen D. Lutz Scholarship

Richard Cho

Weaver-James-Corrigan Award

Lindsey Owens