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Harrison Steeves

Associate Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Born: 1937, Birmingham, Alabama

  • 1958 B.S. Biology, The University of the South, Sewanee, TN
  • 1969 M.S. Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • 1963 Ph.D. Biology, University of Virginia
  • 1962-65 NIH Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Alabama Medical Center, Birmingham, AL
  • 1965-66 Instructor, University of Alabama Medical Center
  • 1966 Joined the Biology Department at Virginia Tech

At Virginia Tech, Steeves and his students conducted research on isopods, asellids, moths, and gamecocks until about 1980. Thereafter, Steeves devoted major attention to teaching popular pre-med courses, namely Histology, Histophysiology, Histopathology, and Honors Biology. He served as Assistant Professor of Zoology (1966-68) and Associate Professor (1968-95), with several years leave to pursue one of his other interests in sculpture, Steeves returned to Virginia Tech, then officially retired in 1995.

Following retirement, Steeves returned to teach Histology until 2002. He remains active as a nationally recognized expert in trout fly-fishing and the creator of new lures, as well as writing articles on that subject.