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The Biological Sciences Teaching Labs serves approximately 4,500 students per year, through either stand alone lab courses or labs included within lecture courses.  Our mission is to provide students with a curriculum that is inquiry based and includes contemporary methods and techniques that reflect what is happening in the workplace.  We work to maintain high laboratory safety standards, to protect the health and safety of everyone who steps into a teaching lab.  In addition, we work to provide our Graduate Teaching Assistants with the tools necessary to be effective teachers, to ensure a quality learning experience for our students.


While the Introductory Labs and Microbiology Labs are the largest part of the teaching labs operation, we also support all inclusive labs.  Support for inclusive lab courses include ordering supplies and equipment, maintaining lab equipment, aiding in the proper disposal of lab waste, monitoring lab fee funds and more.


Information and forms relating to the operations of the teaching labs can be found within this site.  Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  

Contact Information:

Dr. Eric Hogan
Teaching Labs Director