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This program provides majors with a broad education in the study of life.  This curriculum exposes students to the fundamentals of the discipline: genetics, cell and molecular biology, evolutionary biology, and ecology.  In addition, Biological Sciences majors may take advantage of over 70 different elective courses on topics such as macromolecular structure, pathogenic bacteriology, cancer biology, infectious disease ecology, human genetics, and global change ecology. 

This option is designed to provide essential foundational knowledge and skills for students interested in careers in the health professions and/or biomedical research. Students in the Biomedical Option will earn a degree in Biological Sciences and will complete most, and in many cases all, of the courses required by a wide range of health professional schools as well as graduate programs in biomedical research. 


This program provides majors with a more focused education on the biology and roles of microscopic life forms that are active in all of our environments and daily activities.  The laboratory-intensive curriculum provides knowledge on the genetics and physiology common to all microbes and allows students to explore specific interests with a broad range of advanced electives such as pathogenic bacteriology, immunology, environmental and food microbiology, virology, microbial forensics, and bioinformatics.

Students may add the BIOL Minor by completing the appropriate form in the Biological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office in 2089 Derring Hall.


  • NO course substitutions will be made for the minor.
  • Prerequisites are enforced and there are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Minors receive no priority during course request or force-add.
  • There is no guarantee you will get the classes needed to complete the minor.