Carla Finkielstein

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
245C Steger Hall (MC 0477)
1015 Life Science Circle
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Major Fields of Interest

Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology, Regulation of Cell Division Processes, Molecular Basis for Breast Cancer Incidence

Current Research

  1. Circadian control of cell proliferation
  2. Tumor resistance to radiation therapies
  3. Regulation of gene expression by circadian proteins
  4. Control of metastatic processes
  • Associate Professor (Affiliated) (01/2014 – Present). Academic Institution: Department of Surgery, Virginia Tech-Carillion School of Medicine.
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences (01/2013 – Present). Academic Institution: Virginia Tech-Carillion School of Medicine.
  • Associate Professor (Adjunct) (08/2009 – Present). Academic Institution: Department of Biochemistry, Virginia Tech.
  • Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) (08/2005 – 08/2011). Academic Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech.
  • PostDoctoral Fellow (12/2001 – 07/2005). Field of study: Structural Biology. Research study: X-ray structural determination of cellular DNA replicases. Academic Institution: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Principal Investigator: Dr. X.S. Chen.
  • Research Associate (07/1998 - 12/2001). Field of study: Cellular and Molecular Biology. Research Study: Cell cycle regulation and apoptosis in early Xenopus development. Academic Institution: Department of Pharmacology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Principal Investigator: Dr. J.L. Maller.
  • Ph.D. (12/1992 – 05/1998). Field of study: Molecular Biology. Dissertation: Characterization of a phosphoprotein intermediary in the mechanism of action of peptide hormones. Advisor: Dr. E.J. Podesta. Academic Institution: Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.
  • Bachelor in Biological Sciences (03/1988 – 10/1992). Field of study: Molecular Biology. Academic Institution: School of Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.
  • Mitzi L. Frank Memorial Endowed Fund (2018)
  • Mary Louise Olds Andrews Cancer Award, Virginia Academy of Science (2017)
  • College of Science Dean’s Discovery Fund Award, Virginia Tech (2017)
  • Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Best Research Work (2016)
  • Institute of Society, Culture, and Environment Scholar Award, Virginia Tech (2015)
  • Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence, Virginia Tech (2015)
  • Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Challenge Award, Institute for Critical Technologies and Advance Science (2014)
  • College of Science Outreach Excellence Award, Virginia Tech (2013)
  • Research Scholar of the Week, Virginia Tech (2013)
  • Appalachian Community Cancer Network Scholarship (2012)
  • Karin Decker Noss Scholarship Award, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (2011)
  • American Association for Cancer Research Minority Scholar Award in Cancer Research, AACR (2010)
  • National Breast Cancer Coalition Scholarship (2010)
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, NSF (2009)
  • Carl Strom Underrepresented Minority Fellowship (2009)
  • Nominated by Virginia Tech to SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award, Rising Star (2009)
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Association Postdoctoral Fellowship. Awarded and declined (2002)
  • American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship (2002)
  • Lucio Cherny Foundation Award. Outstanding PhD dissertation award (1997)
  • Thalmann Fellowship for Teaching and Research Excellence (1995)
  • University of Toronto Fellowship to Scientific Visitors (1995)
  • University of Buenos Aires Award. To scientific, teaching and technical achievement (1993 – 1997)