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Hawley Lab Members


Dr. Dana Hawley

Principal Investigator

Research interests: ecology and evolution of wildlife diseases, animal behavior, ecological immunology


Dr. Anna Pérez-Umphrey

Postdoctoral Scholar

Research interests: conservation genetics, disease ecology, and wildlife biology

Kelley Langhans

Dr. Kelley Langhans

Postdoctoral Scholar

(co-advised by Dr. Ashley Dayer)

Research Interests: conservation biology, human dimensions of wildlife, landscape ecology


Marissa Langager

Ph.D. Candidate

Research interests: social behavior and disease ecology


Sara Teemer Richards

Ph.D. Candidate

Research interests: behavioral ecology, disease ecology, and conservation biology

Garrett Larsen

Jesse Garrett-Larsen

Ph.D. Student

Research interests: ecoimmunology, behavioral ecology, disease ecology, and conservation biology

Alicia Arneson

Alicia Arneson


Ph.D. Student

(co-advised by Dr. Leah Johnson)

Research Interests: host-pathogen interaction, animal physiology, modeling and statistics for disease ecology

Riley Meyers

Riley Meyers

MS student

Research Interests: Disease ecology, behavioral ecology, human-wildlife interactions, and conservation ecology

Tope Oduyelu

Tope Oduyelu

Post-baccalaureate scholar, VT PREP program

Research interests: livestock health and nutrition, dairy science


Junior Lab Members



(daughter of Dana Hawley)

Research interests: geology, astronomy, architecture, electrical engineering



(son of Dana Hawley)

Research interests: pathogen spillover at the human-domestic animal interface

Lab Mascots


Luna Hawley Spotila

Research interests: haute cuisine, evolution of coprophagy, pig farming for optimal bacon production, game theory models of dog disobedience

Pico Richards

Pico Richards

Research Interests: physiology of long walks, dog treat nutrition


Winnie Arneson

Research interests: human nutrition, psychology of emotional manipulation  


Maia Arneson

Research interests: soil science, geology, Newtonian mechanics of squeaky ball flight


Orfeo Langhans

Research interests: mechanics of biting, insect flight patterns, baroque opera


Georgia Hawley Spotila

Research interests: Virginia Tech women’s basketball, biomechanics of ceiling locomotion