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Modern biology increasingly relies on knowledge, skills, and perspectives associated with other scientific fields, particularly chemistry, mathematics, physics, and statistics. Success in Biological Sciences’ associated careers requires students to master the fundamentals of these cognate fields and to be able to apply these skill sets as well as demonstrate other professional competencies.

As a scientific discipline, biology is more than simply knowledge about living organisms. By integrating education and research, trans-disciplinary breadth and depth of experience, our majors are training to be leaders in their field who practice innovative approaches to real world problems.

Major Exploration – Find your passion in the Biological Sciences!  Where can your degree lead you?

Gain Relevant Experience – Experiential learning is a key component in preparing for life after Virginia Tech. Discover opportunities for undergraduate research, service outreach, involvement in student organizations, professional development, and networking with alumni.

What they are doing nowThe Post-Graduation Survey and Report provides some insight into our students’ “first destination” after attaining their undergraduate degree. You can also see further career development of our graduates by viewing highlights in our Alumni Spotlight.

Occupational Outlook – The U.S. Department of Labor has a database that covers hundreds of occupations and allows you to research many aspects of these fields. Put your degree in Biological Sciences to work!