B.S. IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: EEB OPTION (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior)

1.    Complete the Curriculum for Liberal Education RequirementsPathways to General Education, Departmental and University GPA requirements, and a minimum total of 120 credits.

2.    Make satisfactory progress toward degree requirements.

3.    Take BIOL 1004 Biology Orientation Seminar or equivalent.

4.    Earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in BIOL 1105/1115, BIOL 1106/1116, CHEM 1035, and CHEM 1036 (or equivalents) in a maximum of two attempts.

5.    Complete the following courses: BIOL 1004 Biology Orientation Seminar, BIOL 2004 Genetics, BIOL 2704 Evolutionary Biology, BIOL 2134 Cell Function Differentiation, BIOL 2804 Ecology, CHEM 1045 & 1046 General Chemistry labs, CHEM 2535 & 2545 Organic Chemistry and lab, CHEM 2536 & 2546 Organic Chemistry and lab, PHYS 2205 & 2215 General Physics and lab, and PHYS 2206 & 2216 General Physics and lab.

6.    Complete 6 credits of EEB Requirements

a. Complete STAT 3615

b. Complete one of the following: BIOL 2304 Plant Biology, BIOL 2504 Zoology, BIOL 2604 General Microbiology

7.    Complete a minimum of 18 credits of EEB Electives

a. Complete at least 9 credits of organismal biology, behavior, and physiology courses

b. Complete at least 9 credits of Ecology and Evolution courses

c. Complete at least 3 Laboratory courses

8.    Complete MATH 1025 Calculus with Trig I and MATH 1026 Calculus with Trig II (or acceptable substitutions as listed on our Degree Checksheets).