Interested in the Health Professions or Biomedical Research?



Beginning with the fall 2016 semester, Biological Sciences majors graduating in 2018 or later may elect to enroll in the Biomedical Option. This Option is designed to provide essential foundational knowledge and skills for students interested in careers in the health professions and/or biomedical research

Students in the Biomedical Option will earn a degree in Biological Sciences and will complete most, and in many cases, all, of the courses required by a wide range of health professional schools as well as graduate programs in biomedical research.

Biomedical Option students are encouraged to complete at least one undergraduate research experience. A 3-credit BIOL 4994 experience may be substituted for an elective laboratory course with the prior approval of the Undergraduate Program Director.

If you are considering a career in one of the following, the Biomedical Option may be for you!

Physician's assistant
Veterinary medicine
Chiropractic medicine
Public health

Cancer research
Infectious disease research
Cell research
Genetics research
Synthetic biology
Genetic counseling

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