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Research News

June 24, 2013: Aging contributes to rapid rates of genomic change, signaling challenges for personalized medicine

June 23, 2014: Scientists seek to develop new imaging capabilities to view a human virus in action

June 3, 2014: Deeper than, 'EvoCor' identifies gene relationships

May 8, 2014: Caught in the crosswalk: Molecular traffic signals keep cells on the right track, researchers say

April 16, 2014: Gene removal could have implications beyond plant science

February 10, 2014: Physics model helps biologist explain histone memory

January 2, 2014: VBI embarks on new Fellows program to foster team science

December 12, 2013: A New Take: Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest

December 1, 2013: Science, engineering collaboration helps to provide safe drinking water

November 14, 2013: Researchers discover how retinal neurons claim the best brain connections

November 3, 2013: Researchers explore natural solution to rid household plumbing of dangerous pathogens

October 29, 2013: Undergraduate researchers study the complexity of community ecology

October 2013: Liwu Li named VT Scholar of the Week

September 9, 2013: Vector-borne Disease Research Group makes discoveries that protect human health

September 2013: Jack Webster named VT Scholar of the Week

July 28, 2013: Researchers explore genetic links between nicotine, cancer, using "next-generation sequencing"

July 2013: Lisa Belden named VT Scholar of the Week

May 28, 2013: Novel Disease in Songbirds Demonstrates Evolution in the Blink of an Eye

May 2, 2013: Jeffrey Walters receives 2013 Alumni Award for Excellence in Research

April 25, 2013: Scientists image nanoparticles in action

April 5, 2013: The enzymatic competence of proteins can be difficult to judge

April 3, 2013: Collaborations forged to create innovative solutions to children's health issues

February 28, 2013: Nature's phenomena might teach Virginia Tech engineers new tricks

December 21, 2012: A nanoscale window to the biological world

December 6, 2012: Fralin researchers design potential blood thinner that also unmasks cancer cells

September 28, 2012: Is Your Shower Making You Sick?

September 2012: Stealing the playbook: a Ph.D. student researches the complex plant defense system

July 26, 2012: Cylindrical cell structure parts may aid in targeting diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

June 25, 2012:  Researchers use computer model to probe mysteries of human immune system

June 19, 2012:  Virginia Tech forms Center for Drug Discovery

May 21, 2012:  Virginia Tech professor receives cancer-research funding

March 18, 2012:  Safe sex in plants: A PNAS paper by member of the Tholl lab, commented on in the New Phytologist

February 17, 2012:  Genetic "Rosetta Stone" unveiled in Nature

February 8, 2012: Researchers study parenting behaviors of stressed-out birds

February 1, 2012: New technology allows scientists to watch cancer cells in action at unprecedented resolution

January 2012:  The Flourish of Discovery:  In Latham Hall, philanthropy helps research take root

November 28, 2011: Deborah Kelly named VT Scholar of the Week.

September 26, 2011: Dorothea Tholl named VT Scholar of the Week.

August 23, 2011: ScienceShot: Warmer Eggs, Better Ducks

August 5, 2011:  Polar Inquistion

August 3, 2011: VTCRI assistant professor Deborah Kelly studies connections on a cellular level

July 5, 2011: For Certain Sparrows, Love Has a Local Sound

June 20, 2011: Research Centers foster world-class research

June 17, 2011: Roadmap published for dynamic mapping of estrogen signaling in breast cancer